Winter Blue


Winter Blue

Sometimes I absolutely adore living in a country that has four seasons, you can go from rocking earmuffs to putting flowers in your hair all within the span of a couple of months – it’s very chameleon. So much room to switch up your look according to the weather.

The change of seasons always gives me that antsy feeling like I need to completely alter not only my wardrobe but my hair and make up. As if I’m complaining, I love hunting down new trends! My latest mission has been finding the perfect hair color.

I’m so bored with my natural hair color which is coffee brown, but I don’t want to go lighter during the winter. Luckily for me, vibrant, bold hair is in and I can’t wait to make it part of my look.

Whether you decide to just put in a touch of blue underneath your dark locks like Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Kylie Jenner or commit to a full-on multi-colored do like Ke$ha, there is no shortage of possibilities. Of course looking at what’s stylist are calling hot this season is helpful, but you also have to consider your own physical features when making these kind of decisions. Even if it’s not permanent, you don’t want to be throwing on a hat or breaking down in tears on your bff’s shoulder because you hate your new look. Do your research!

I’ve been seriously leaning towards blue black, but it’s one of the hardest color for your eye to distinguish. Solution, I’m considering indigo or navy to enhance the dark shad with a deep azure shimmer. On the plus side, blue is calming, cool and mysterious, creating an icy sparkle that feels perfect for the current cold weather.

Cool colors will always look darker than their warmer counterparts which tend to pop! If you decide to go blue black, I suggest you ask your colorist for a medium to dark brown to mix with the selected blue tone. If you go any darker, chances are it will look black and you might not get the eye-catching look you were going for. This color gives a whole different meaning to the winter blues!

So, what do you think ?