The Return of the Sweatshirt



I was getting dolled up to hit this epic house party and decided to send a pic of my outfit to my BFF. Obvs I wanted to coordinate looks!

She replied: “Are you EVER gonna dress up again Ella!?! I’m coming over asap!”

Apparently she didn’t get the memo that the casual sweatshirt look, ever so popular in the 90’s, is making a major comeback in the fashion scene. Only this time around, trendsetters are doing it a little differently. Step aside boring old plain solid colors, time for some texture, shape, prints, and most importantly creativity!

I am no fashion designer, but give me a pair of scissors and a couple old sweatshirts and I will make magic happen. Or as my mom would call it, a mess in my bedroom. But she always comes around to checkout my self made crops and off the shoulders. Ps shoulder is the new cleavage.

In addition to giving sweatshirts shape, material blends are rocking my world. I mean besides being ultra-comfortable in fleece you can work texture into your casual chic look, winning! I secretly have at least 15 sweatshirts in various online shopping carts, and most include either leather trimmings, playful graphics and my new obsession side zippers!! I must confess, I still believe in classic banded cuffed wrists and bottom hemline tops, especially for layering purposes.

Some might wonder why these casual tops are being revived by so many, and not only in the realm of street fashion. At their most basic, sweatshirts are not really challenging to wear, but to pull it off with a certain panache you need a sense of style.

I never commit to one adjective to define my look. This being said, you might see me in a varsity sweatshirt wearing a leather skater skirt. Best of both worlds, sporty-chic! I’m a firm believer in accessorizing, if I could start my own religion it would be called Accessorianity and my goddess would probably be Lady Gaga or Rihanna. What I’m getting at is you can dress up or down any look with the right accessories. When I wear heavy textured sweatshirts, I like to balance it out with softer metallic jewelry and neutral handbags, urban-posh!

My bff arrived in a panic, as if there was some sort of fashion crisis, only to be super jealous of my outfit. I was serving up urban-princess with my loud tiger print sweatshirt and silky charcoal shorts. To complete my look I grabbed my brothers Lakers snapback and my silver knuckle box clutch. My crush even commented on how dope my outfit was, omg.

FYI sweatshirts are back with a vengeance!

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  1. Renee

    OMG I love sweat shirts It like all I wear. Seriously. I also make sure they look good with the rest of my outfit. lol


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