What is more exciting than picking up the latest hot issues of your favorite fashion magazines? It definitely ranks up there along with discovering an awesome new blog! I still remember the day I read Tavi Gevinson’s blog Style Rookie for the very first time in 2008.

The junior fashionista was only eleven years old when she started posing in her distinctive outfits and writing creative commentaries for her blog. Pretty soon after her debut, Tavi was getting 30,000 hits a day. Not too shabby! She inspired me to write, even if I was still in high school and felt like my career was an eternity away. Suddenly, seeing this preteen rock the blog charts made my dream of wanting to be a fashion editor not so unobtainable or distant


After being interviewed by the New York Times, Tavi started receiving invites to top elite fashion events such as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Wow, I wish! She began writing, styling and modeling, her career was taking off strong. No to mention the long list fashion icons she had the opportunity to meet, including Anna Wintour the editor-in-chief of American Vogue.

In 2011, at just fourteen years old, Tavi founded her own independent online magazine, Rookie Magazine. Although she has had many contributors, she wisely chose to maintain full ownership of her project. With one third of her staff being teenage writers, photographers, and illustrators, Rookie Magazine mainly addresses issues impacting teenage girls.

Published in 2012, the success of her one-off print edition of the magazine, Rookie Yearbook One featured a collection of articles, interviews, photo editorials, and illustrations from Rookie’s first year.

But what I’m totally hyped about right now is the release of Rookie Yearbook Two! Set to be launched October 1st, 2013, the second issue will deliver another 352 pages of exciting content and fun collaborations. (Ps one of my favorite Canadian artists, Grimes, will be contributing!) Similarly to the site itself, the Rookie yearbooks blend a mix of personal essays by young girls focusing on advice about style, sex, friends, school, fashion and of course tones of gorgeous photo albums.

I am literally counting down the days untill I can order my copy of Rookie Yearbook Two!

So, what do you think ?