Spring Fling



As much as I’m excited to soak up the sun rays and hit the pool with my girls, I live for the in between seasons’ fashion. Both spring and fall offer fantastic opportunities to play up your look with layers and textures.

You’re probably thinking, you can do this in summer too! And you’re right, but not to the same extent. When it’s hot out, my classic go to outfits usually include cut offs and colorful tank tops, and let’s not forget crop tops!! While these are totally fun items, I love to construct more elaborate looks.

Spring fashion makes me happy because it’s constantly adapting to the changing weather. One day you can rock a pair of rain boots with some chic trousers and a trench coat and the very next, go lighter, throwing on some ankle booties with three quarter length leggings and a classic bomber jacket.

Also a major plus of spring is the tendency towards incorporating more color into your outfits. After a harsh cold winter where all I want to wear are dark and earthy tones, the warmer weather inspires me to zest up my looks.

Traditionally pastels remind me of painting Easter Eggs in art class or being forced to wear a horrible colored dress to your grade school picture days, not cute. But that old stigma of mine is slowly changing. This season designers are totally modernizing pastel shades and I’m catching myself considering adding a couple pieces to wardrobe.

Although so far you won’t find much pastel hanging in my closet, you will in my makeup case. I’m all about the soft and delicate color lipsticks. My current obsessions are orchid, orange and bubblegum shades. And I’m having just as much fun paring them up with my nail polish. Side note, It’s impossible for me to resist a good matte topcoat these days!

You could say I’m having a little spring fling with pastels, and things are moving fast. In a couple of months I’ll be taking these three colors to a whole different level – neons.

Remember a color is worth a thousand words, so let your outfit speak for itself!

So, what do you think ?