In it to get the Exclusivity



Starting Monday, March 24th, you can get an amazing TRENDIY-Art Costco Kit!Costco partners with TRENDIY, the toy destination for spending-less and tastemakers, in a fun-exclusive collection of do-it-yourself jewelry kit, magazines, including step-by-step instructions, fashion styles, celebrity crushes, full outfits, etc…You will find everything you need in the box to create your own original accessories.

We also thought we’d chat with one of our TRENDIY girl babe one last time – we asked her to dish on her favorite trends, favorite mobile apps, artists and bands.

Not to brag, but here’s more of what you will be able to find inside:

  • Two TRENDIY Fashion Magazine’s
  • Two TRENDIY DIY Bracelet Kits that give you the freedom to do:
    • 11 Simple DIY personalized bracelets

It’s limited edition, so join the Party while you can!

So, what do you think ?