Friendship Bracelets



Summer is full of promises and charged with excitement. I remember spending part of my vacation time at camp, bonding with my friends and making plenty new ones. In those precious weeks, it felt like anything could happen and just the high of being surrounded by friends made the rest of the world disappear. By the end you wished you could stay forever! Suddenly you found yourself sitting on the back seat of your parent’s car looking down at your little tanned wrist covered in friendship bracelets. I have totally kept some of my favorite braided bracelets!

Rummaging through my old shoebox of memories, I wondered where this tradition of offering your most treasured friends a unique hand crafted piece originated from.


As a Trendiy girl, you’ve probably noticed the colorful bands are making a huge comeback, but their first appearances remain ancient. Invented by Indians in Central and South America, braided bracelets were introduced into North America when religious groups use them in political rallies. According to tradition, the bracelet is offered to a friend who may wish for something at that moment. The bracelet should be worn until it is completely worn-out and falls off by itself, after which the wish is suppose to come true. Although braided bracelets usually connote friendship, they also represent folk art and social statements.

However historically, the South Americans were not the only ones to use braiding method for aesthetic appeal. Sailors used the macramé techniques, which they familiarly called “square knotting”, to embellish knife handles to bottles to parts of ships. Macramé is a form of textile-making where you use tight knotting to create fabric. Eventually the art spread to China, Europe and the New World, and was most popular in the Victorian era.

Since their original appearance, the craft of braided bracelets has expanded to include many threading patterns. The fun bordered chevron, candy stripes, diamond and hearts, to name a few designs, made their way into macramé jewelry mainly in the 70s. In a time of peace and love, political manifestations and revolutions, the North American hippies and later the grunge crowd popularized the crafty braided method. The jewelry progressively evolved to include chains, bolts, studs, beads, glass, shells and so forth.

Whether you’re looking for a fun new hobby or want to impress your BFFs with a crafty gift, all you need is some colored thread and scissors and you can create these fun accessories.

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