Forecast Calls For Leather


If you’re anything like me, you spend lots of time hanging out at the mall with your friends. I can’t always treat myself to a new piece of clothing or an accessory, but there’s no harm in window shopping! Whether I’m buying or not, I absolutely love checking out new trends. This year, it seems leather is everywhere, and I love it! It’s not so much entire articles made of the material, but lots of subtle trimmings.

Real leather can be expensive, so to make it more accessible, many designers have opted to use faux leather. It’s just as fun and animal friendly! Major plus. The leather detailing is pure genius for texturizing all types of pieces: shirt collars, pockets, sleeves… I’m currently obsessed with leather fitted caps, I can’t get enough. Celebs are taking this trend to the next level, I mean have you seen Princess Rihanna’s tanned leather visor? (Ps she’s royalty to me) She rocked the accessory by London base designer Fleet Ilya on her way to the beach, in Poland, during her world tour Diamonds.

Can we talk about how Justin Bieber drapes himself in leather?! Recently, the pop icon wore a leather shirt and cap to the NBA Heat/Pacers game in Miami. The paparazzi did not miss that outfit of the day, and thank god lol. This guy’s style is so on point it’s ridiculous. Currently, he is totally a fashion reference. Guys take notes, this is how you wow girls on an international level. Swag overload! I’m all about accessorizing with leather, whether it’s a bag, hat or bracelet, I like to incorporate a touch of the material in my daily styles!

Switch it up a little!

So, what do you think ?