Flower Crown


Flower Crown

My favorite part of styling is hands down accessorizing. I’m always looking for new creative ways to bring a unique twist to my appearance. This process is about more than tapping into the latest trends or abiding by the top pop culture tendencies. Innovative fashion is about finding the perfect balance between vintage and modern.

Being a history buff, I absolutely love to brush up on the origins of my accessories. I feel like the more you know about how an accessory made it’s way into the fashion realm, the better you can successfully incorporate it into your look. Sometimes you can totally resurrect a piece based on context! For example, I recently stumbled onto my old collection of headbands. I pulled a couple out and playfully modeled them around my room for my BFF. We had a scream, until I told her I was gonna make it my mission to bring back the headbands. Apparently, that was a NO for her. Double challenge, I was going to make her into a headband believer!

Let’s have a quick look at the headband family tree shall we! Before the word headband was even conceived, there were several major players in the head gear game. Mythologically, many Greek statues of gods, goddesses, and youths would sport diadems and cords around their heads.

Oh and let’s not forget the classic olive wreath of the ancient Olympics Games.

Moving onto the Romans, the brides would wound three woolen cords around their heads, calling the piece a vitta, referencing purity.

This tradition carried into the Middle Ages, where married women rocked bands of silver or gold. The styling in the popular TV series Games of Thrones was a perfect example of these accessories.

And for those of us who followed The Tudors, we saw how the wealthy glammed it up in the Renaissance, accessorizing wreaths and garlands with pearls and precious stones.

Skipping through a couple centuries, Disney accessorized some of our favorite heroines with head pieces. Just think of Pocahontas and her feathered leather headband, Alice and Wonderland styled with ribbons, Princess Jasmine and her crown, Snow White and her bow, to name a few iconic characters!

After a little research, I was ready to make some mods to my headbands, crafting the ultimate addition to my look. My theme can be summed up with one adjective: floral.

A classic setting for floral headbands are music and art festivals in general. There’s something about these open air summer events that revive the spirit of Woodstock. The free spirit, peace and love and artistic energy totally channels flower-embellished headbands.

I waited for the perfect event to bust out my new hippie inspired creation; Osheaga. Montreal’s version of California’s Coachella! When my BFF got a sneak peak at my Oshie outfit, she was so jealous. She was literally begging me to make her one, LOL! Well needless to say, I caved and made her one so we could match.

You can expect a soft and cute look, depending on what you pair the floral head piece with. I Completed my ensemble with a long flowy dress, purposely avoiding anything too rigid.

My BFF parted her hair in the middle and pushed her headband back away from the hairline, she looked like a total 70‘s babe! There is also something so rewarding about wearing your very own DIY creation, it’s a double win. We felt so Boho-chic with our floral headbands!

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  1. Renee

    What I like about fashion is wearing the simple things. I love how if you add the right accessory could make the outfit amazing.


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