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Summer Campaign 2014: Fun Fair

Say hello to the girl with a TRENDIY bracelet, and get sent to a fun fair. Art Direction: Sabrina Gareau Photography: Anne Laudouar Styling: Rosalie Vézina-Ouellet Filming and Video Editing: Amandine Navarro


The Sweetest Time of the Year

Maple syrup is not just something I use at breakfast when I have a stack of pancakes on my plate. It’s more of a lifestyle for me. I’m obsessed with the thick golden sweet liquid, and even more with the maple season which has finally arrived! Since as far as I can remember, every year […]


TREND: the 90s

I would have an incredibly trendy wardrobe today. I get so nostalgic when I think back to some major 90’s pop culture icons. But then I look around me and cheer up, realizing the 90’s are still total influencers in today’s fashion world. From Beavis and Butthead’s, MTV band T-shirts, to The Fresh Prince of […]


Winter Blue

Sometimes I absolutely adore living in a country that has four seasons, you can go from rocking earmuffs to putting flowers in your hair all within the span of a couple of months – it’s very chameleon. So much room to switch up your look according to the weather. The change of seasons always gives […]