The Sweetest Time of the Year


Maple syrup is not just something I use at breakfast when I have a stack of pancakes on my plate. It’s more of a lifestyle for me. I’m obsessed with the thick golden sweet liquid, and even more with the maple season which has finally arrived!

Since as far as I can remember, every year my friends and I drive out of the city for a full day of sugar shack activities.

If you’re preparing for your first sugar shack experience, here are a couple tips which can help you handle it like a pro.

Get ready to eat. The main attraction of the sugar shack is hands down the food, and it’s never-ending! Traditional menus consist of favourites such as homemade meat pies, cretons (pork spread), buckwheat crepes, pea soup, baked beans, sausages and eggs, and of course, tons of the best maple syrup on the planet. So forget about wearing anything skin tight or constricting if you want to avoid feeling like you’re struggling to breathe all night. I suggest a pair of boyfriend jeans or overalls and a loose plaid, knit or denim top – think cottage comfort chilling.

Channel your outdoorsy side. What’s fantastic about sugar shacks is that they are located on large lots of land such as farms and domaines, therefore include many interesting activities. Since ingredients are usually grown on-site, tours include demonstrations of how maple syrup is made. I love to explore the forest and catch a glimpse of the maple trees by horse-drawn sleigh. Some even offer pony rides, which are a close second to unicorns in my books! So throw on a pair of moon, combat or rain boots because you won’t want to be held back by heels, trust me.

Bust a move. Part of the whole sugar shack experience is dancing off your maple sugar rush to some folk live music. Things are gonna get country, so get ready for some square dancing and the possibility of cowboy hats. Although I usually opt for a lumberjack look, accessorizing with a beanie or pompom tuque.

Stock up! Before you leave, don’t forget to visit the gift shop and bring home some awesome maple treats and preserves. These products also make great gift ideas, especially for those who have never experienced this amazing Canadian tradition.

Stay sweet my friends!

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