TRENDIY Art | Be the best face of Street Style: TRENDIY on!

Be the best face of Street Style:TRENDIY on!

Attention all TRENDIY GALS! Send pics of how you rock your street style outfits to for a chance to get featured on TRENDIY Art blog, social media and ultimately on our magazine. Winners will be delivered by end of April! Go go go! Please note photos will be featured on our social network and […]

TRENDIY Art | Denim Dreams

Denim Dreams

It’s all about denim, and we are wearing it 3 different ways. We love denim, it’s somewhat of an addiction that grows with time. My favourite: the acid washed look slightly bleach jeans, high wasted or kinda loose but kind fitted boyfriend jeans type. Throughout time denim have always been a fashion staple. We at TRENDIY […]

Starting Monday, March 24th, you can get an amazing  TRENDIY-Art vr. Costco kit! It’s limited edition, so join the Party while you can!

In it to get the Exclusivity

Starting Monday, March 24th, you can get an amazing TRENDIY-Art Costco Kit!Costco partners with TRENDIY, the toy destination for spending-less and tastemakers, in a fun-exclusive collection of do-it-yourself jewelry kit, magazines, including step-by-step instructions, fashion styles, celebrity crushes, full outfits, etc…You will find everything you need in the box to create your own original accessories. […]


Summer Campaign 2014: Fun Fair

Say hello to the girl with a TRENDIY bracelet, and get sent to a fun fair. Art Direction: Sabrina Gareau Photography: Anne Laudouar Styling: Rosalie Vézina-Ouellet Filming and Video Editing: Amandine Navarro


Flower Crown

My favorite part of styling is hands down accessorizing. I’m always looking for new creative ways to bring a unique twist to my appearance. This process is about more than tapping into the latest trends or abiding by the top pop culture tendencies. Innovative fashion is about finding the perfect balance between vintage and modern. […]


Summer Fluo Neon

Neon makes us happy. Don’t be scared bright colours will suit your skin tone. Push your look to the next level and show your fun side with a killer dreamy bracelet.


The Return of the Sweatshirt

I was getting dolled up to hit this epic house party and decided to send a pic of my outfit to my BFF. Obvs I wanted to coordinate looks! She replied: “Are you EVER gonna dress up again Ella!?! I’m coming over asap!” Apparently she didn’t get the memo that the casual sweatshirt look, ever […]


Spring Fling

As much as I’m excited to soak up the sun rays and hit the pool with my girls, I live for the in between seasons’ fashion. Both spring and fall offer fantastic opportunities to play up your look with layers and textures. You’re probably thinking, you can do this in summer too! And you’re right, […]


The Sweetest Time of the Year

Maple syrup is not just something I use at breakfast when I have a stack of pancakes on my plate. It’s more of a lifestyle for me. I’m obsessed with the thick golden sweet liquid, and even more with the maple season which has finally arrived! Since as far as I can remember, every year […]


TREND: the 90s

I would have an incredibly trendy wardrobe today. I get so nostalgic when I think back to some major 90’s pop culture icons. But then I look around me and cheer up, realizing the 90’s are still total influencers in today’s fashion world. From Beavis and Butthead’s, MTV band T-shirts, to The Fresh Prince of […]


Forecast Calls For Leather

If you’re anything like me, you spend lots of time hanging out at the mall with your friends. I can’t always treat myself to a new piece of clothing or an accessory, but there’s no harm in window shopping! Whether I’m buying or not, I absolutely love checking out new trends. This year, it seems […]


Winter Blue

Sometimes I absolutely adore living in a country that has four seasons, you can go from rocking earmuffs to putting flowers in your hair all within the span of a couple of months – it’s very chameleon. So much room to switch up your look according to the weather. The change of seasons always gives […]


Friendship Bracelets

Summer is full of promises and charged with excitement. I remember spending part of my vacation time at camp, bonding with my friends and making plenty new ones. In those precious weeks, it felt like anything could happen and just the high of being surrounded by friends made the rest of the world disappear. By […]



What is more exciting than picking up the latest hot issues of your favorite fashion magazines? It definitely ranks up there along with discovering an awesome new blog! I still remember the day I read Tavi Gevinson’s blog Style Rookie for the very first time in 2008. The junior fashionista was only eleven years old […]